Racismo, quidiabéisso?

Sinceramente, essa onda de "Racismo" faz tempo encheu meu saquim. Por isso começo com este twitter a série:  O que tem a ve...

Will Trump be the parking brake?

Everyone knows very well what "Household Brake" means. The expression is much used and its origin refers to the paus-de-arara, where the abrupt and abrupt brake serves to adjust, or better, to organize everything that is inside of it, even with outrages. That is, people in the place of people, bags in place of sacks, animal in place of animal and everything. That is, the stowage brake serves to arrange everything that is loose quickly and abruptly.
In this sense I ask:
  • Will Donald Trump be the world's parking brake?
  • Will Trump put things in their proper place, Work in Place of Labor, Capital in Place of Capital and Financial System Ditto?
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